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May 12, 2017

Trump to Comey: Better Hope There Are No ‘Tapes’ of Talks

See? Trump is a fucking GOON!

I hope Comey DOES have tapes! That would be hilarious. I don't like either of them. But on this one, if I had to pick sides, I'd be on Comey's.

Oh, and where is Daymon Wayans? We need a “Comey don't play that” skit.

President Donald Trump, in an apparent warning to his fired FBI director, said Friday that James Comey had better hope there are no “tapes” of their conversations. Trump’s tweet came the morning after he asserted Comey had told him three times that he wasn’t under FBI investigation.

Source: Trump to Comey: Better hope there are no ‘tapes’ of talks – The Washington Post

May 11, 2017

Senator Blumenthal: Comey Firing ‘May Well Produce Impeachment Proceedings’

Ah, here it comes: Impeachment utterances. Finally!

But can you impeach an illegitimate president?

Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Wednesday that President Donald Trump's decision to fire his FBI director could lead to possible impeachment proceedings in Congress.

Source: Sen. Blumenthal: Comey firing ‘may well produce impeachment proceedings' – CNNPolitics.com

May 11, 2017

Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn in Russia Probe

Michael Flynn has been served!

Fucking Commie and former (for 18 days!) NSA chief Michael Flynn is in deep shit. Wonder if he'll turn on Donald Trump?

Bet he will. Know why? The Russians will show him a new way to tie that fancy tie (Russian necktie).

Flynn was forced to resign after it came to light that he had lied about his contact with Russian officials. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and whether members of the Trump campaign were complicit. Tune in to Lester Holt's exclusive interview with President Trump Thursday on NBC Nightly News.

Source: Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn in Russia Probe – NBC News

May 11, 2017

Comey Refused to Give Trump a Review of Senate Testimony

This is what tyranny looks like:

A president who wants to know what the Director of the FBI will be saying to Congress about the ongoing investigation he's taken on and wants to ratchet up against the president and all his cronies.

Trump reportedly considered the move an act of insubordination.

Source: Comey refused preview of Senate testimony to Trump: report | TheHill