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May 22, 2017

Michael Flynn To Plead The Fifth And Refuse To Cooperate With Senate Russia Probe

First, Flynn tried for immunity. Now, he’s just not going to play at all.

This is the same guy who said, “Immunity means you’re guilty.” Since he couldn’t get immunity, I guess he’s not guilty any more? That’s how these sociopaths think.

The Senate intelligence committee subpoenaed documents from President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser.

Source: Michael Flynn To Plead The Fifth And Refuse To Cooperate With Senate Russia Probe | HuffPost

May 11, 2017

Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn in Russia Probe

Michael Flynn has been served!

Fucking Commie and former (for 18 days!) NSA chief Michael Flynn is in deep shit. Wonder if he’ll turn on Donald Trump?

Bet he will. Know why? The Russians will show him a new way to tie that fancy tie (Russian necktie).

Flynn was forced to resign after it came to light that he had lied about his contact with Russian officials. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and whether members of the Trump campaign were complicit. Tune in to Lester Holt’s exclusive interview with President Trump Thursday on NBC Nightly News.

Source: Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn in Russia Probe – NBC News

May 3, 2017

Former Acting AG Yates to Contradict Trump Administration About Flynn


29 April 2016 – Washington, D.C. – The 50th Anniversary of the Federal Bonding Program took place at the Department of Labor. Here, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates addresses the audience.
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Photo Credit: Department of Labor

Shit’s about to git real, y’all!

Unfortunately, “real” won’t really be real. It’ll be fake. Because anything that doesn’t agree with Twitter-in-Chief’s retarded worldview is fake news.

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is prepared to testify before a Senate panel next week that she gave a forceful warning to the White House regarding then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn nearly three weeks before he was fired, contradicting the administration’s version of events, sources familiar with her account tell CNN.

Source: Sources: Former Acting AG Yates to contradict administration about Flynn at hearing – CNNPolitics.com