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June 28, 2017

Carrier Moving Trump Jobs to Mexico

All of Trump’s jockstraps are like, “What? No big deal. This will give those spics money to pay for that solar wall.”


You guys are dummies.

600 employees

Carrier will fire 600 employees at a facility in Indianapolis and send the manufacturing jobs to Mexico. President Trump had boasted about keeping the company’s jobs on American soil. [Axios]

Source: Carrier moving Trump jobs to Mexico – Axios

June 7, 2017

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt LIED About Job Creation in Mining Industries

What? A Trump administration official lied? Who’da thunk it?

These guys are such liars. And they’re sycophants lap this shit up like fruit punch.

Scott Pruitt is conflating the numbers to emphasize Trump’s commitment to the industry.

Source: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt used a misleading statistic to emphasize Trump’s commitment to the coal industry — Quartz