May 12, 2017

Trump to Comey: Better Hope There Are No ‘Tapes’ of Talks

See? Trump is a fucking GOON!

I hope Comey DOES have tapes! That would be hilarious. I don't like either of them. But on this one, if I had to pick sides, I'd be on Comey's.

Oh, and where is Daymon Wayans? We need a “Comey don't play that” skit.

President Donald Trump, in an apparent warning to his fired FBI director, said Friday that James Comey had better hope there are no “tapes” of their conversations. Trump’s tweet came the morning after he asserted Comey had told him three times that he wasn’t under FBI investigation.

Source: Trump to Comey: Better hope there are no ‘tapes’ of talks – The Washington Post

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