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May 31, 2017

McCain Says Dems Killed Lieberman’s FBI Shot (Well, Duh)

Leave it to McCain to state the obvious.

But seriously, who thought Eeyore would make a good FBI Director? Plus, he works for Trump's law firm. You know, the one that was voted best law firm in RUSSIA.

“If anything would make you cynical about this town, that's it,” McCain said.

Source: McCain: Dems killed Lieberman’s FBI shot | TheHill

May 30, 2017

Sessions Did Not Disclose Meetings with Russian Officials


Simple as that. Leaving stuff off a form you fill out when “applying for” a job of this caliber ought to be a crime.

If it's not, it needs to be.

FBI told Sessions staffer that he did not need to list all foreign contacts, DOJ says

Source: Sessions didn’t disclose meetings with Russian officials on security clearance form – The Washington Post

May 24, 2017

The Weirdest Election Day in History

Freak bodyslammed a reporter and STILL got ELECTED!

Truth be told, the way Montana elections go, most ballots had already been cast.

But I wonder how many people really care. I bet not many. This sort of aggressive behavior is becoming the new normal.

A look at how this might affect an already hard-to-predict race.

Source: Prepare for the weirdest Election Day in history, after a candidate allegedly body-slams a reporter – The Washington Post

May 24, 2017

The Future Is Here and It’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“Go” is an actual game. And it's really freaking hard, apparently.

Computers are better than most humans at playing chess. Now, they're better at everything, including sex.

I'm assuming here…I've not yet had sex with a robot, unless you consider my ex-girlfriend. Then, yeah, I've had sex with one.

That’s 19-year-old world champion Ke Jie upon a recently losing a game of Go to Google’s AlphaGo robot. For those who grew up with checkers and chess, Go is an incredibly complex Chinese board game whose conquering by computers is seen as kind of a holy grail, and was not expected to be possible for […]

Source: “I believe the future belongs to AI”