June 22, 2017

Senate Healthcare Bill Summarized

The Good News? It's way different than the “mean” (in Trump's words) House bill.

The Bad News? It still takes aways a lot of what the ACA (i.e., Obamacare) brought to the table. This will hurt a lot of poor people.

The Best News: Rich people got a bigass tax cut! YAY!

“Let them eat cake.”

It makes significant changes to the House bill, but still ends the ACA's taxes, mandates and Medicaid expansion.

Source: The Senate health bill is out. Here's your speed read – Axios

June 22, 2017

McCain: “No American Has Seen Healthcare Bill, But I’m Sure Russia Has”

Nah, the Russians didn't need to hack into our computer networks to get a copy of the AHCA, they got it directly from Donald Trump himself.

Asked Tuesday whether he has seen a copy of the legislation, McCain said he has not.

“Nor have I met any American that has,” he added, according to Bloomberg.

“I’m sure the Russians have been able to hack in and gotten most of it.”

Source: McCain: No American has seen healthcare bill, but I'm sure Russia has | TheHill

June 20, 2017

GOP Data Firm Reveals Personal Details of 198 Million American Voters

Welcome to our new world, where your data is all over the place and easily discovered.

Political data gathered on more than 198 million US citizens was exposed this month after a marketing firm contracted by the Republican National Committee stored internal documents on a publicly accessible Amazon server.

Source: GOP Data Firm Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million American Voters

June 19, 2017

Trump Earned At Least $1.3 Billion Since Announcing Run For Presidency

$1.3 billion

President Donald Trump has earned at least $1.3 billion in revenue since he announced his bid for the presidency in June 2015. Turns out politics can be pretty lucrative. Income from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club increased 139 percent in January 2016 to April 2017 compared to January 2014 to April 2015. [The Center for Responsive Politics]

Since announcing his run for office in June of 2015, Trump has made at least $1.3 billion off his various business ventures and investments.

Source: Trump earned at least $1.3 billion since announcing run for presidency

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